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The challenges for collaboration in the creative field that surface today include a lack of trust over issues such as intellectual property, uncertainty about the potential benefits of working together, and the difficulty on both sides of finding the time for initial exploratory conversations. There is also an apparent disparity between indie and team member in the kinds of outputs that would make such collaborations seem worthwhile. While there are many indie and studios who may be making great games, excellent creative outputs. There are concerns, particularly among that who may not find their games interesting enough to share it with the world, and that they didn’t know who to talk to, or find out how a community / collaborative approach could help them solve their challenges.

Though collaborations can be challenging, the benefits certainly outweigh the risks. Gamedoora has just elevated your potential, we have created a platform that combine the power of social networking, collaboration and open source with the aim to accelerate the development process and to make it more open and connected.

However, it’s one thing knowing that collaboration can be mutually beneficial and another finding out how to make more effective collaborations happen. Ideas that one can benefit from are to included a single owner ‘often refereed to as the maintainer’ that the team could reach out for any assistance. Using the Assets Sharing and Task definitions tightly tied up with the social fabric allows groups to focus on and experiment with ideas without fear of failure, or a permanent cafe culture where teams and people alike can drop in at any time and be sure of finding someone with common interests to bounce ideas off via chat or just a simple update.

With the story session, which can extend the idea of hack days beyond just software coding can also be proposed within your community. With the power of the platform you could include opportunity identification, design, prototyping of the game, physical prototypes, business models, or even the creation of levels. The role of the platform is to do more than just give you disk space. Gamedoora provide networking opportunities, access to the ecosystem, opportunities to learn, pitch for new ideas to be made.

Our aim is to facilitate more frequent, more diverse and more effective conversations between minds to make game creation open and connected.

We can’t shy away from the challenges, But the fact of the matter remains that collaborations provide stretching intellectual challenges, can enhance user feedback right from the creation phase which will enhance reputations and potential of your games. The benefits are only available to those who are able to seize these opportunities.

The rise of the whole gaming industry makes us only think the importance of collaboration in the creative arts. When I was first playing games on my pc a lot had literally been written in bedrooms by teenagers with great ideas who did everything themselves. Since then games have become more complex in productions, bringing together the skills of multiple artists, coders, testers, musicians and many others.

Gamedoora provides an opportunity to supercharge collaboration – after all, like Idea Transform, one has a very limited amount of time to develop an idea, often with people you’ve never met before. This calls for different skills than many people are used to – rather than simply being an expert in their field, they have to work together with others, listen and support. There is obviously a place to state your own opinions, but you need to do it in a way that is inclusive and positive.

This is exactly the same challenge that most indie developers and creatives face in their everyday work. Very few ideas, stories or projects are developed in isolation this days, collaboration brings together different skills, all focused on a common aim. Take a new game – you’ll have a designer, someone coding the levels, a storywriter, animator, digital experts looking at building the player community, and backend developers potentially linking it to other IT systems. And that’s before you start listing all the stakeholders who want to ensure that the game meets their own needs. And you would wonder how will all this happen. That’s the power of collaboration, that’s Gamedoora. The platform helps you elevate your potential in ways you have never imagined.

With more and more internet adoption worldwide, collaboration and sharing as a genesis for creativity is becoming the norm. The marquis example is Wikipedia, of course, although we’ve noted a general theory that great ideas can spring from sharing and collaboration, often leading to unexpected (but fun) results. That’s one of the reasons it’s so fun to see Projects like Punyakoti emerge who are effectively using Gamedoora Platform to finish India’s first crowd funded Sanskrit animated movie.

Yes, that’s the trailer of Punyakoti which is going to be released shortly, and the production team is using Gamedoora almost entirely. Like this team the platform has also seen other members who are using it to bring their stories to live in the form of a film or a Game.

This is simply another example of how creation occurs and how sharing and exchanging ideas freely can produce an interesting project as well as a great deal of fun. As collaboration of this nature expands due to the ability of people to connect on the internet, the overall need to lock up ideas relative to creative output is going to weaken. There may still be some “artists” who create simply for monetary gain, but their ranks are lessening.

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